Interested in Near Field Cosmology at University of Chicago?

Current Group Members at UChicago

  • Ani Chiti (Brinson Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Samantha Usman (PhD student)
  • Alice Luna (PhD student)
  • Pierre Thibodeaux (PhD student)
  • Daisy Bissonette (PhD student)
  • Jarvis Zhang (UChicago Undergrad Student)
  • Benjamin Cohen (UChicago Undergrad Student)
  • Ha Do (UChicago Undergrad Student)

We also participate in the Survey Science Group

Past Group Members

  • Sanjana Curtis (Postdoctoral Scholar)
  • Guilherme Limberg (USP visiting PhD student)
  • Yupeng Yao (MS student)
  • Kaia Atzberger (OSU Undergrad)
  • Shuyu Wang (MS student)
  • Noah Geller (UChicago Undergrad)
  • Morgan Lee (UWisconsin Undergrad)
  • Charlie Walsh (UChicago Undergrad)